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American Art Collector - Issue #219 - Artist Focus: Daniel Raynott

Daniel Raynott (Dan Raynott) was born in 1962.

"Exploring the East Coast, Raynott painted the coastal glamour and the sense of nostalgia of traditional wooden houses. He is also passionate about contemporary houses with clean lines, large bay windows, natural lighting, a minimalist feel, the joy of living, and the sumptuous and daring architectural villas and their swimming pools shimmering with translucent turquoise. Water. He often paints his villas facing the ocean, certainly because he was born near the sea."

"The process of creating an artwork often starts with the stage of drawing the location of the elements, always with a drawing pencil. Sometimes, there is a watercolor drawing, or it is directly on the blank canvas, depending on the moment. Inspiration often comes from my own photos and drawings of different places. Possible re-creation of existing places, deletion of elements, color changes, and more. Painting is an open book reflecting the artist's soul; optimism, light, and sunny warmth are the messages I want to convey. Hung in contemporary or more classic interiors, my paintings find their vocation there: Being a window open to the outside, often onto the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean."

California has often been sung about, admired, or dreamed about. Its sunshine, beaches, and unique light make it a gentle place to live.

Raynott has retained a colorful nostalgia from his extended stays in California, creating canvases tinged with optimism and sweet contrasts. Dream villas with sleek, modern architecture and pools that sparkle with transparency.

CALIFORNIA DREAM by RAYNOTT is the glamour of the 1960s. Raynott remembers the charm and colors of those Californian years, and each of his canvases takes us on a sun-drenched journey: the warmth of Palm Spring, a lush oasis, the cool of San Francisco, panoramic views of the Pacific in Malibu or Santa Monica. Nostalgic, no doubt, but also totally in tune with the times, Daniel Raynott pays tribute to a land of creativity and optimism that never ceases to push back the frontiers of the possible.

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